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The Bauer und Kaufman corporation is a strong inter-continental team based on very different backgrounds and with a legacy forged in History.

It is a firm with a value set in stone: Change is the only constant. We are constantly evolving, but at the same time taking pride in our origins and our history.

In the modern times the Firm is based in Singapore, but that doesn't stop us from taking pride in the family work in Wolfsburg, Germany.


Locate our Headquarters

Discover the main visiting adress of the Headquarters of the Bauer und Kaufman corporation. 991B Alexandra Rd, Singapore 119970

Name Branch
Languages Contact Email
Headquarters Global English, German [email protected]
Sales Asia Asia English, Mandarin, Filipino [email protected]
Sales EMEA EMEA English, German, Dutch [email protected]
Engineering & Design Global German, English [email protected]
Metal Works Asia English [email protected]
Fender Manufacture Asia English, Mandarin, Filipino [email protected]
Human Resources Global German, English [email protected]
Supervision & Quality Control Asia English [email protected]
Legal Asia Asia English [email protected]
Legal EMEA EMEA German, English [email protected]
Press Global German, English [email protected]


Vectorized image based on the drawing made by Stuart Rankin under the CC license

Cultural Heritage

An introspective look into the cultural heritage of the everlasting family company Bauer und Kaufman. The myth and the Legend.

Aerial view of Wolfsburg photographt by Roger W, no changes made, CC License

Corporate strategy in the classical Wolfsburg way. Inspired by the means of the local industry giants, such as Volkswagen.

Photography of Hong Kond by Ion Tichy under CC License
Hong Kong

Strong business relations made possible the opening of trade presence in Hong Kong, influencing our enterprise culture.


The family Firm officially relocated into Singapore to strengthen our operations in Asia, our primary target market.