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Bauer und Kaufman invites you to join a relationship of customer success to last over one thousand years.

We have a wide and globalized team. If your inquiry is not related to sales we encourage you to contact below the intended department, since you would get a direct and fast answer.

Having said that, we welcome you to the high spheres of the Bauer und Kaufman corporation. Your contact is highly appreciated.


Call Now at: ​​​+65 8811 1344

Depending on the reason why you may want to get in touch with the Bauer und Kaufman corporation you may choose to contact:



[email protected]

For inquiries related to business opportunities such as partnerships, marketing, employment, or other agreements.


Sales Inquiries

[email protected]

For inquiries related to the purchasement of equipment, getting a quote, or checking the availability of items in stock.


Press Department

[email protected]

For inquiries related to our public image and presence in internet or social media. Interviews and journalists are always welcome.


Technical & Engineer

For Factory Design:
[email protected]

For Quality Control, Supervision and Inspections:
[email protected]

Name Branch
Languages Contact Email
Headquarters Global English, German [email protected]
Sales Asia Asia English, Mandarin, Filipino [email protected]
Sales EMEA EMEA English, German, Dutch [email protected]
Engineering & Design Global German, English [email protected]
Metal Works Asia English [email protected]
Fender Manufacture Asia English, Mandarin, Filipino [email protected]
Human Resources Global German, English [email protected]
Supervision & Quality Control Asia English [email protected]
Legal Asia Asia English [email protected]
Legal EMEA EMEA German, English [email protected]
Press Global German, English [email protected]


Locate our Headquarters

Discover the main visiting adress of the Headquarters of the Bauer und Kaufman corporation. 991B Alexandra Rd, Singapore 119970